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Why we exist

The BUILT Story

BUILT was born out of the recognition that trades businesses deserve tailored digital solutions to thrive in today's competitive landscape. We exist to bridge the gap between traditional trades and the digital world, partnering with trades to help them reach success.


Our journey began in 2015, focusing on collaborating with trades in an environment saturated with challenges.

Early Years

Born out of an engaged community, we prioritised becoming a reliable and trusted partner for tradespeople.

Trades Spoke, We Listened

With concerns about technical jargon, and lack of clarity in building their business online, trades deserved better.

Developed Solution

Responding to the community's needs, we listened and built services to simplify communication and eliminate confusion.

Continuous Growth

We've grown with our community, evolving alongside their challenges and needs. We've gained trust, allowing us to strengthen our reputation as a reliable partner.

The Outcome

Our services extends to over 1,000 websites, showcasing the widespread recognition of our credibility within the trades community.


Today, we stand as a trusted partner, having navigated the evolving journey of the trades industry alongside our community.

What we do

Building Solutions for Trades

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We Build Brands

Growing your brand identity through strategic branding that resonates with your ideal customer.

We Build Businesses

Implementing targeted growth strategies to expand your reach, increase leads, and drive success.

We Build Tools

Developing digital tools and resources to improve efficiency and processes for trades professionals.

We Build Websites

Crafting visually stunning and highly functional websites that serve as powerful marketing tools.

Join 1,000+ trades growing with BUILT

Supporting you to forge an identity and
market yourself effectively

Guidance on ways to grow and improve your business

Helping you embrace the opportunities that technology offer

"I started speaking to Matthew in the office, he asked me for basic information of what we do and then within no time at all this website came through. It ticks all the boxes and does what I need it to do."

Jamie Potter


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How we work

Partnering for Success, Driving Growth, Being Ambitious

At BUILT, our core values guide everything we do:


We believe in building strong, collaborative partnerships with our clients, working closely together to achieve shared goals.


We are committed to driving continuous growth and improvement, both for our clients and ourselves, through innovation and strategy.


We approach every project with ambition and determination, pushing boundaries and striving for excellence in everything we do.