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Simplify Your Quoting Process

Easy Estimates streamlines your quoting process, giving your customers instant estimates without the hassle of site visits.

Save Time

Spend less time attending site visits and more time on what matters to you.

Qualify Leads

Know that each lead from Easy Estimates is a potential customer worth pursuing.

SMS Alerts

Get notified instantly when a lead comes through, keeping you on top of your game.


Tailor the tool to your needs, selecting the boilers you want to feature.


Elevate Your Customer Experience

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Elevate Your Brand

Instant estimates mean quicker decision-making for your customers.


Impress your clients with a modern and efficient quoting process.

Increased Conversions

Swift responses and accurate estimates lead to more closed deals.

Brand Customisation

Personalise the tool to match your brand identity and website seamlessly.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

A one-off fee means no hidden costs or ongoing fees to worry about.


Change pricing and boiler models as your business evolves.


Easy Estimates looks great across all devices including smartphones.

Peace of Mind

Rest assured knowing that every lead is a quality opportunity.

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"Love the new boiler estimate, better than my old one, also love how it texts me when someone uses it, this is a bonus as it will give me an idea how many people use and visit the website."

Andy Daughtry


A Daughtry Plumbing & Heating

How it works

Simplifying Success, Step by Step

Getting started with Easy Estimates couldn't be simpler.

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We do the heavy lifting. Just answer a few questions and we'll have your booking system up and running in no time.


Leave it to our team to do the rest, we'll craft your custom tool within 2 weeks.


After a preview and your approval, it goes live on your website, ready to supercharge your sales.


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Easy Estimates

£180 + VAT

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Choose which boilers are featured

Determine your pricing

Customised to your branding

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