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At BUILT, we understand the challenges of starting a new business venture. That's why we're dedicated to helping entrepreneurs like Tony from Hertfordshire Trees kickstart their journey to success. Tony's story resonates with many start-ups who feel uncertain and overwhelmed in the early stages of building their dream business. With our guidance, Tony was able to navigate the complexities of starting a new company and emerge as a trusted leader in his industry.

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Hertfordshire Trees

The Solution

We created custom solutions for Tony to address his business goals.

We built a website and implemented SEO to boost his online presence and attract customers.

Through collaboration, we achieved Tony's vision, giving him confidence to succeed.

The Challenge

Tony, like many entrepreneurs, battled uncertainties about his new business's success.

He struggled to manage daily tasks while also focusing on growth, feeling overwhelmed.

Cash flow concerns added pressure, making him seek a reliable partner for guidance.


Transforming Vision into Reality

Thanks to BUILT's expertise and support, Tony's business experienced remarkable growth and success.

Top 10

Average Ranking Position

Tony secured an average top 10 ranking position for Hertfordshire, bolstering his visibility and authority in the region.


Leads Generated

His website generated over 410 leads, reflecting its effectiveness in converting visitors into potential customers.


Search Visibility Increase

He witnessed a 14% increase in search visibility, indicating a significant improvement in his online presence and reach.


Website Visitors Last Year

The website attracted 842+ visitors through organic search, highlighting its consistent performance in driving traffic.

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