Social media post ideas to grow your business

Explore essential social media strategies to enhance your business's online presence across multiple platforms to effectively grow your business.

Are you ready to boost your business's social media presence?

We've compiled a list of creative post ideas to help you with your social media strategy.  Whether you're using Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube, we have insights to help you identify the best strategy for your trade business.

Types of Social Media Posts

Social media content can be broadly classified into three categories:

Entertainment: Captures audience attention with fun or intriguing elements.

Education: Provides valuable information and insights.

Promotion: Focuses on marketing your services.

6 Social Media Post Ideas

Let’s explore some dynamic content ideas across these categories to enhance your social media strategy:

Before and After Transformations

Category: Promotion

Platforms: Instagram, TikTok

Display your efforts with visually appealing before and after photos or videos. This approach is especially appealing on Instagram and TikTok, where graphics rule.

Satisfying Videos

Category: Entertainment

Platforms: Instagram, TikTok

Share clips that meet expectations, such as flawless repairs or perfectly fitted sections.  These videos frequently perform well because they tap into viewers' desire for satisfaction and refinement.

Horror Stories

Category: Educate

Platforms: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook

Share stories about difficult customer interactions without naming anyone, concentrating on the lessons learned and the professionalism demonstrated.

Celebrating Customers

Category: Educate

Platforms: LinkedIn, Twitter

Share good experiences with customers to highlight your exceptional customer service. This can be in forms of posting review cards or review carousals.

Learning from Mistakes

Category: Promote

Platforms: Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn

Admitting and demonstrating how you address mistakes helps foster trust and responsibility, making your company more relevant and trustworthy.

Funny Videos

Category: Entertain

Platforms: TikTok, Instagram

Share humorous content on occasion to highlight the fun aspects of your business environment, thereby making your company relatable.

Expanding your social media content across these categories allows you to reach a larger audience, increase interaction, and improve your online presence. To maximise your impact, select the appropriate platforms for each type of content.

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