5 Hacks for Plumbers to Get More Leads

Are you a plumber looking for more leads? With the right strategies and hacks, you can increase your customer base and revenue. Here are five hacks that you can use to get more leads and grow your business.

Are you a plumber looking for more leads? With the right strategies and hacks, you can increase your customer base and revenue. This blog post will provide you with five hacks that you can use to get more leads and grow your business.

1. Create a Website

A website is a great way to increase brand recognition and bring new business for your plumbing company. Make your site more user-friendly by optimising it for mobile devices. Customers looking for a plumber shouldn’t have to be bombarded with a barrage of pop-up ads and visual noise.
Consider adding informative content on your website, where you can offer advice and helpful tips while promoting your services. A Blog can be very beneficial to attract more traffic to your website.

2. Use Local SEO

If you want to get your content seen by your target audience without paying for advertising, SEO is what you need. For example, using local search engine optimisation techniques is an effective way to get your website shown to people in your area who are looking for a plumber. To achieve this, you should optimise your website for local keywords like “plumbers in Norwich.”

3. Set up a Google my Business account

When looking for a service in their area, many people turn to search engines and online directories for advice. To generate more leads in your area, you should get started with Google My Business. Be sure to include your plumbing company’s contact information (email, phone number, and physical address) and encourage customers to leave reviews on your website.
Make sure local search engine optimisation is properly applied to the company’s profile. Customers rely heavily on online reviews when deciding which local business to use. So get as many five-star ratings as you can.

4. Encourage customer reviews

Allow current customers to act as brand ambassadors and grow your business through word-of-mouth marketing.
Motivate your current customers to refer their friends to your plumbing company or to leave an online review after a service is completed. Upload images and referrals to your website to increase your company’s credibility among potential customers.

5. Be active on Social Media

Social media is an effective way to win yourself more work. You should create social media accounts on platforms like Facebook and Instagram and use them to post updates about your services, projects you’ve completed, and backstage content.
You can also use social media to interact with potential customers, answer any questions they may have, and create a better relationship with your current customers.

Take Action Now

Taking action now will ensure that you get the most out of these strategies and get more leads in no time. If you need help with any of these hacks, you can rely on BUILT’s support.
Our team has been developing websites for tradesmen for over seven years, making us specialists in boosting their online visibility and profitability. We can increase your site’s visibility in search engine results and/or improve your site’s performance in the eyes of your target audience to generate leads.

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