How to save your business money

Finding methods to save money in a competitive market may have a major influence on your bottom line as well as improving profitability. Here are some tips and suggestions to help you save your business money.

Running a successful trade business requires not only offering high-quality services but also careful financial management. Finding methods to save money in a competitive market may have a major influence on your bottom line as well as improving profitability. Here are some tips and suggestions to help you save your trade business money.

Our top tips to help save your trade business money

Take advantage of technology

For example, appropriate work management software could significantly improve your company’s productivity while saving you time and money. In trade businesses, a lot of time is lost on administrative duties such as creating quotations and managing invoicing, keeping track of spending, and managing your team of tradespeople. Using management software helps to keep everything organised.

Hire an apprentice

Any growing trade business would benefit from hiring an apprentice. It’s not only an affordable option to grow your team, but also an ideal long-term investment that enables you to recruit new workers whom you can train by your standards and preferences.

Use fuel cards

If you’re always on the move, it might be a good idea to use fuel cards. The cards only permit fuel purchases, and they may be used to monitor how much petrol each employee purchases, where they buy it, and how frequently they fill up. The costs are charged directly to the company, which gives you HMRC-approved invoices and saves you time on administrative tasks.

By registering for fuel pump cards with a fixed weekly price, you can also make further savings. These let you pay a set amount for fuel each week, which can help you save money. This means that a fuel card holder still pays the fixed rate when they visit a fuel station, even if it has higher costs (like those at service stations along the motorway).

Innovative marketing

Although investing in advertising can be very expensive, it doesn’t have to be. You can grow your business at a relatively inexpensive cost, or in some circumstances even for free, by employing some innovative marketing strategies and advertising methods.

One example includes using your company van(s) as your type of billboard. There, you can include your logo, a contact number, a website, and even a one-line review! Similarly, a work uniform works in the same way – making sure you include your company logo and name on your clothing helps to promote your brand and trade business without really doing too much.

Get in touch

Here at BUILT, we’re experts at helping tradesmen get found online. We hope the tips above have given you some pointers in the right direction on how to save money as a trade business. However, some things need a little bit of investment for long-term success and our website and SEO services here at BUILT are the perfect example! To find out more about what we offer to help you grow your business online, get in touch.

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