Why have a boiler quote tool

If you’re a heating engineer, having a boiler quote tool on your website could be beneficial. We’ve accounted for the top reasons we think heating engineers should have this quote tool on their website

If you’re a heating engineer, having a boiler quote tool on your website could be extremely beneficial in more ways than one. We’ve accounted for the top reasons we think heating engineers should have this quote tool on their website; we even offer the tool as part of our services for our website customers, as we understand the immense value it brings to your business.

Top 5 reasons to have a boiler quote tool on your website

Accessible and instant information

Customers can easily access prices for boiler servicing and repair quotes. This instant availability of information can lead to better customer satisfaction and engagement. Furthermore, instant quotes mean leads are more likely to lead straight onto the purchase part of their customer journey, leading to improved conversion rates!

Ease of convenience

Having a boiler quote tool on your site means potential customers can get the information they require outside of your normal business hours, for example. This could attract those who might have problems calling during working hours.

Transparent pricing

Being transparent with your pricing upfront on your website helps to gain the trust of potential customers, and they can decide whether they’d like to use your services without the pressure of a sales environment.

Sets you apart from competitors

Having such a tool that other heating engineers don’t have on their website could help to set you apart from your competitors. This way, potential customers could perceive you as the more reliable, established option.

Reducing your workload

We understand that as a tradesman, you’re always busy and have limited time on your hands outside of your practical work to handle the administration side of your business. Having a boiler quote tool online will save you time and headache, as you’ll receive fewer calls asking about quotes and pricing, as you’ll have already provided potential customers with this information online. You could also save on overhead admin costs over time.

Get in touch

Here at BUILT, we specialise in building websites for tradesmen. Along the way, we’ve mastered the art of helping tradesmen such as heating engineers get found and generate leads online. If you’re interested in having a website with our custom-made boiler quote tool installed, get in touch with us! We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and give you fair and honest advice about our products and services.

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